About Kimi Rae


Kimi Rae is a renowned Yogapreneur and Wellness Passionista! She loves all things Mind, Body & Spirit and believes everyone is a teacher and student no matter what level you’re at. Kimi’s motto from her wellness TV show was “Perfectly Imperfect” and that’s how she describes herself. 


She’s a Yogamama of 3 vivacious boys who keep her on her toes and bring belief in self-care to the forefront because when she’s practiced her morning yoga and nourished herself, she’s a better mom and person all around. Her teaching style is approachable and relatable and she’s got a welcoming laid back vibe in her life and infamous studio called California Yoga. Kimi owns a top notch Yoga School accredited by the Yoga Alliance and has certified hundreds of Yoga Instructors across country. Kimi is an RYT, ERYT, CPT, and lifelong lover of studying meditation, mindfulness, chakras, and more. Kimi and her team lead several wellness retreats yearly in exotic locations where they share their love for travel and yoga alike. 

This channel brings everything you need for the mind, body and spirit in the comfort of your home or sacred space. You’ll find meal ideas, meditations, life hacks, yoga flows, and more. 

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