Drink up!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Drink up!

Stay hydrated folks...the effects of dehydration on your HEART are harsh. Dehydration can be as harmful to your heart as smoking a cigarette! When you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, your blood flows regularly and your hormones are more likely to stay within healthy levels.


Are you exhausted? REST! Carve out time to rest. Studies prove that a healthy diet along with rest equals a person who is more likely to maintain a healthy weight and feel more joy overall. Dieters who incorporate rest into this regimen experience quicker and more sustainable weight loss. As villagers and Americans, in general, we do everything in access...we need caffeine to start and depend on sleep aids and maybe even alcohol to wind down...some even incorporate so-called energy beverages to refresh but what those beverages really do is send us into overdrive, overwhelming and overstimulating our bodies causing even more fatigue and harder crash later on...maybe even days after the beverage was consumed? Sound familiar? Here's how to break that naughty little habit...try replacing your "energy drink" with a healthy juice or smoothie. I'm crushing hard on Morniga this month. Moringa can be found at your local grocer in health food section/supplements. The powder blends beautifully with almond milk or soy milk depending on your personal preference. Moringa has a plethora of benefits! It's a superfood, source of plant protein and natural energy source that won't leave you with a stimulant hangover like Red Bull or Whatever your poison is! I learned about Moringa in Turks and Caicos, one of the tree's subtropical native growing spots. A local TCI restauranteur & like minded healthy business mogul, educated me on his favorite tree and was kind enough to teach me how to cook, blend, and use the different parts of the Moringa tree (included the seeds, flowers, and bark)...what a TREAT! And a healthy tasty one at that.

TCI Moringa Smoothie:

2 tbs Moringa powder

1 banana

1 tsp honey

Almond or soy milk (2 cups)

Figs (optional)

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