Dry Brushing is a Great Way to Balance Your Energy

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Just as the seasons change, our bodies and energy flow changes and evolves too. We prepare for fall by putting away the tools & objects of summer and cleaning out spaces. We prepare our closets by sifting in layers of longer sleeves and slacks to protect our skin from the cooler climate soon approaching. When winter starts to tickle our yards with dew and frost, we clip down our plants and vegetation to prepare them for snows arrival. We exchange out lighter fabrics for softer heavier coverage and comfort.

Much like we prep for the seasons, we can also prep our bodies for the weather and energy feels ahead. Like we go “inside” in spaces to keep warm during the frigid temperature drop, we can also be mentally, emotionally and energetically hibernating and seeking solace with in our selves to find homeostasis for the winter months. It’s easy to fall behind and get off track in our wellness routines but there’s some simple hacks we can do at home to welcome the change of season with ease.

Dry brushing is a great way to balance the energy in our bodies along with yoga and meditation.

All you need is a Dry Brush often found in the bathing section of your local Rite Aid or grocer.

You brush starting at your wrists and brush towards your heart or midline. Continue to cheat and tummy moving always towards the heart and then end with feet, again, brushing up the legs towards your center. Not only does it feel good, the benefits of dry brushing may surprise you, too.

Dry Brushing exfoliates your skin and improves the texture by shedding dead skin cells. It is said it can improve keratosis pilaris...dry skin brushing can help reduce the prevalence of keratin plugs. Brushing the skin encourages blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system. According to ESPA expert, Ronel Corbin, naturophatic doctors recommend dry body brushing to patients experiencing bloating discomfort because it helps you shed excess water and toxins. Personally I like dry brushing because I believe it prevents the appearance of cellulite. Sold, right?

Kids love it and it’s a great regimen before bed after bathing to calm the system for a good nights slumber. I love incorporating at magnesium bath before brushing. Kids love a colorful bath bomb or bubbles before too.

Dry brushing technique has been a common thread in calming methods for children and adults with ADHD, ADD, autism, and more.

So when you’re making space for winters air and cheer, make space for a little dry brush to soothe your insides and out for the upcoming months.

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