We are so accustomed to chaos we need to relearn to appreciate quietness…

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

We are so accustomed to chaos we need to relearn to appreciate quietness & peaceful cycles in our lives. Sometimes our fight or flight response hyper-acts when things are actually smooth and calm. For months I’ve been working pillar to post creating a very successful business and juggling being mama to three active little gents and after the blood, sweat and girlboss-dust settled my life miraculously seems magically quiet and my natural organic mindset didn’t connect the dots that the PEACE and organic success and ease of my hard work for so long paid off mentally, spiritually, and trickled “calm and joy” all over my life like Christmas tree lights. My first gut reaction, was “what am I forgetting to do” instead of “wow, I did it!” The hustle is over, I can rest and enjoy the abundance on and off my mat.

Sometimes we get so consumed by being “on” that we forget how to appreciate having the liberty to turn “off” and step away. Unplugging feels so good and such an easy way to recharge the spiritual batteries. We recycle fumes for energy and can easily get depleted if we don’t take time to step back and enjoy the scenery we actually created ourselves.

Every single thing in your life, you attracted, created and lived through to tell! The good, the so called bad and so called ugly.

Embrace the quiet. Don’t let the illusion of peace trick you into thinking you need more on your plate. Enjoy the peace and quiet and take time for yourself to rest, relax, & reflect!

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