What is "abundance" to you?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

To me, it is my three beautiful wild boys piling in my bed on a Saturday splaying in my bright white crisp clean sheets where I can still notice a slight scent of rose oil & bleach.  It's a clean house, organized and free of clutter with hints of MEYERS lemon verbena.  

It's my huge reclaimed ship and barn style kitchen table with fresh flowers permeating the air.  It's white-ish walls decked with vivacious colored art & canvases of Argentinian horses co-mingling.  

My boys got to enjoy a 3 day adventure while I brainstormed a yoga & riding retreat in Ocala, FL

It's relishing in simple humble home cooked meals playing peach & pit with my kids but also looking forward to that epic annual trip to an equestrian ranch with my kids or maybe a sandy beach somewhere with crappy wifi.  It's a 30 minute window of my meditation practice at home in complete stillness & quiet and at least an hour of YOGA.  I always feel so much gratitude and abundance after practicing yoga and getting the opportunity to take someone else's class! Abundance is also just in the thought that my kids might walk to school soon and the silly conversations that they might engage in at their tender ages.  Abundance to me is my new found FREEDOM.  It feels good to start over.  It feels abundant to look back on the progress I have made re-building myself after transition & building my own brand as a Yoga lover, practitioner, & teacher.  I love what I do and some day I know my passion will bring the good sauce...my engineered karma.  Abundance to me is traveling and exploring.  I love walking through an airport alone or accompanied.  I feel FREE and excited & grateful every time I go somewhere.  I smile like a child after I get through security getting my first iced coffee or matcha tea...that is  one of my layers  of abundance.  

Other simple layers that are my most prized are the smell of my kids heads or the way they laugh when I graze the backs of their necks with my face.  The energy from a tiny hand in mine can turn a rainy day into pure teary perfection.  It feels so magical to have my 8 year old reach for my hand in the car for the unspoken I LOVE YOU squeeze, I cry a little sometimes in sheer gratitude.  They always know when I need those squeezes too, it's like they are my wizards mixing up just the right potions to complete my happiness on a daily basis. Their little tiny teeth when they smile and their beautiful skin, especially when the sunlight beams on it...

SIRI says the definition of ABUNDANCE is "the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply...if that's accurate, how incredibly abundant we all are..in so many ways. 

Take time every day to zoom in on your abundance and what it is for you, how it makes you feel, what you want more of, what you are capable of manifesting and the many obstacles you overcame to get where you are.  We all face trials & disappointments in our God-Given humanness but we all are also gushing with abundance and if we learn how to harness the manifestation of more abundance through GRATITUDE, life gets a lot sweeter and smoother.

Take time out of your morning and night if you can and sit still with your breath and collage your abundance.  Let your imagination GO WILD...with abundance.  Imagine your bucket list as if it's actually happening now.  Take time to empty out your junk drawer of stress and chaos and fill the drawer back up with hope and ABUNDANCE. Health is wealth. Wealth is what you want it to be.

Journaling is great exercise to incorporate into your spiritual regimen with meditation.  If you haven't wrapped your brain around stillness yet, try writing it down or perhaps drawing a picture.  Doesn't matter how you plant the seed, it just matters that you water it.  Nurture yourself. Be abundant, always.

Turmeric Milk 

-2 cups coconut milk or vanilla HEMP or soy

-turmeric root juiced or you can use spice to your liking (approx 1/2 tsp-1 tsp)

-1 tsp manuka honey

-1 pinch cinnamon 

blend & heat or COOL (I love it over ICE)

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