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This channel is about making health and wellness accessible to all demographics.  Yoga is often misunderstood as religious or catering to a certain “type” of person. When in reality it is a spiritual practice designed for ALL humans to embrace and enjoy. Kimi Rae’s mission is to spread her love, passion, and GIFT of Yoga with as many beings as she can! Yoga changed her life in immeasurable ways and her hope is that it’s magic spills out onto as many people as possible all over the world.

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Drop what you know or don’t know & enter into a joyful, grateful, perfectly imperfect way to cook, create, move, exercise, meditate, parent, and more! 

Kimi's Perfectly Imperfect Blog

Welcome & Namaste for visiting my two cents on wellness, joy, family, mindfulness, life hack’s, how to’s, recipes, tips & more! Here you’ll find a shortcut to living a deeper, happier, healthier life! 

About Kimi Rae

Kimi Rae is a renowned Yogapreneur and Wellness Passionista! She loves all things Mind, Body & Spirit and believes everyone is a teacher AND student no matter your level. Kimi’s motto from her Wellness TV show was “Perfectly Imperfect” and that’s how she describes herself. 


What They're Saying About Kimi Rae


Co-Host on The Doctors


"As a mother, doctor and media personality, I have to make physical and emotional wellness a priority.  Kimi has been instrumental in this process.  She has helped me to establish a meditation practice that works for my life and schedule.  She also inspired me and many other high-profile clients throughout LA about the benefits of yoga.  Not only is she my favorite Yogini, but also an amazing woman and loyal friend.  I am so excited to support her on her exciting new journey. "